Friday, April 29, 2011

Natures Poetry

Escaped from an ornate belt, it happened on an Indian Summers Day.
I realized calmness in me that I never thought I had or could retrieve
naturally. Something magical happened, climbing up inside of me, has reached its peak and needed an open space for relief.

Reminded sometimes of past sexual desires, this burning is put out and replaced. 
By trees, stripped by time, limitless weather, and natural green. 
A balance I could not find in one place, but many: 
Woods, creeks, brooks, rivers…  and the oceans that shift back and forth.  

Connecting and disconnecting, like the cells in my body. 
Relating to that large body of water with great punctuation, magnanimous thoughts of spiritual freedom and beauty and innocence.

Sensual clouds of shrubbery on the ground and in the sky 
Inhuman, but human to me     
because I feel at one with it.

A wild road of balance to hold onto
and think about everywhere I go.  
This has unleashed a jealousy held in for years   
and replaced with a tranquility I’ve had for years  
but never felt so strongly until-

One Indian Summers Day…

-by Sandra Mally


  1. SANDY you're pictures are fantastic especially the dew from the berries wow!!!!!!!! All pictures are done well actually but the berries are my favorite. Keep it up looking for more update us!!!!!!
    warm regards donna cimitile

  2. Wow What a beautiful view to look at during a hike


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